Go-To poses for senior boys

A collage of four photos featuring different senior boy poses: standing in casual attire, crouching with a dog, outdoors in hunting gear, and leaning against a brick wall using Go-To poses.

Senior photos for the boys may differ from the girls in many ways but the most common reason may be, they don’t like photos being taken or they are ready to get it over with and I don’t blame you! Most of the time guys stress just like the girls do!!!

What should I do?’ “Do I sit or stand?” “How should I pose? 

Take a look and read over these Go-To poses I have put together to help you get a better feel and see which is more on your comfort level! 

Both hands in pockets

Your legs and shoulders about the same width apart, putting your hands in your pockets will give you more of a relaxed feel. Because sometimes you feel awkward with your hands just dangling.

Back against wall

Try getting comfortable by placing your back against a wall and one leg propped up. Try crossing one foot over the other. Cross your arms and just “chill”.


You can do many different poses with just a flight of stairs. Be seated with your feet staggered; elbows rested on knees. Off guard of you going up or down the stairs, lean over the rails looking out into the distance for a side profile. 


Bring the car you have history with. Your pride and joy, your four-wheeler or side by side. Prop your foot or body against it, lay in front of it. Show it off!!


Bring any animal you prefer, hug it, lay beside it, or off guard photos of you both playing. Show the love for your fur baby.

Crossed arms

Exactly what it says, stand or sit with arms crossed, big smile or smirk. Make eye contact into camera like a headshot.

Side lean

Lean to the side with thumbs in pockets against a wall/fence or tree.

Simple squat

Kneel as if you were about to sit and hover with elbows to knees. One foot closer to bottom other foot further forward.


Using any type of prop for a picture. Such as: sports (bat, ball, glove, pompoms, etc.) hunting (gun, decoys, duck calls, turkey, deer, camo etc.) music (instrument) any hobby you may have can be used with props to showcase your favorite things.


Look sharp, gaze into the camera, relax and look serious!

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Remember, the best pictures come from within, they are captured to show the inner YOU.

BE YOURSELF. Pose and dress your photos to give a good representation of who you are. I will give you all the confidence in the world but only you can make it happen!!

Reach out and let’s get those senior photos scheduled!

Call/Text- 601-832-4225

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