2024 East Rankin Senior Ambassador Kyla

A collage of six diverse senior portrait photographs of a young woman in different settings, including sports, outdoor paths, and casual poses.

Ya’ll!!! This kid was so much fun… Do you know Kyla Kate Huffman? Well, let me introduce you.

Kyla Kate is currently a junior East Rankin Academy, although she is counting down until she becomes a SENIOR even to the hour. One thing that stood out to me and my photographer friends when we went through allllllll the many applications was how she was so involved with church, family, school, friends and sports. But it wasn’t just dong all these things in her words “I try my best exceed expectations by a mile”, to me THAT’s what its worth. Not just doing whatever it is but exceeding your best at any goal in life. I could see this not only in her application but social media and her personality.

Her story was short and sweet. She is a true country bumpkin, – I’m a small town girl that loves soccer, sunsets, and outdoors, nothing short of any of that really. Yesterday, as we took a few shots to share and to announce her as one of my 2024 Senior Ambassadors, I noticed how kind but FUNNY she was and full of life. Yes, Ive known “of” her and her family for years but getting to know her and her passion yesterday was truly a blessing. She has such a bright and stunning personality. I am so thankful to have her on our team this year. If yall see Kyla around ask her about her photo shoot. I’m sure you will see her out at a local soccer field, working the Mississippi Braves Stadium in the fun zone, out serving with her youth group, or just hanging out chilling with her friends and family. Oh, Don’t forget to check out our tiktok and Instagram for what’s next. I never know what my sweet Kennedy has up her sleeve of creating our next move. Check it out…

P.S. – We still have a few ambassador spots open for a few Rankin County Schools. If you would like more details check out our blog below! If you are just intrested in having your seniors portraits taken by yours truly, Give us a shout. 601-832-4225 or Email – [email protected]

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