A La Carte – Senior Pricing + Packages

Advertisement graphic displaying "senior pricing/packages" with images of a photo album and a planner, both featuring floral elements.

8×8 OR 10×10 customized senior albums

These custom albums are personalized to your liking with photos from your senior session. Page material is very thick and durable!!!

8×8 album- $600+

10×10 album-$800+

Classic Trio (Metal cluster)

Turn three of your “fav” pictures into metal prints!

Very strong and modern they also last forever.

The three picture sizes are:





Classic Quad

Instead of three images, you have the four image option for a beautiful display of yourself!! This has more of the cluster feel.

Very durable and long lasting onto metal prints!

These four image sizes are:

16×20-top left

10×16-lower left

10×10-top right

10×20-lower right

$450+ Tax

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