Go-To poses for senior girls

A collage of four senior portrait photos of young women posing in various settings, highlighted by a floral frame and labeled "Go-To poses" in the center.

As a photographer capturing girls’ senior photos, we see it all. You may have the perfect outfit and know exactly where you want to go, but what’s next?? “Which poses should I do?” “Which angels are the best” “HELP ME!!” That is why I put together these Go-To poses for my senior girlies!! There are way more poses to choose from, these are just some of the basics. 


Sit on the stairs and stagger your legs with one foot on the step below you, and the other foot to the lower step. Place your hand on knee or rest against your face. Or prop your feet up against the rails with your arm laid across the top of your head looking into the camera.


Find something to lean against. Such as a tree, a window, a fence etc. Hair pulled to one side and a light smile. Or lean with your elbow against surface, and hand rested on your head.  

Off Guard

Simply look away from the camera and off into the distance. Hair flown back and your arm swung out.

Porch Poses

All porches are designed differently. You can sit on the edge with your feet staggered, arms to the side rested, and turn head to camera. OR take a column and look from the side of it or one foot propped against it.


Take any vehicle and prop yourself up against it, lay in front of it, or sit with one leg down the other closer to you.

Pocket/Belt loop

Place your thumb in one pocket or through your belt loop while the other hand is leaning on an object or playing in your hair.

Leg lift

One hand rested on your head, the other on your hip and take one of your legs up behind you close to your bottom. Or take on leg and prop up against an object.


Whether you are in sports, band, cheer, choir, rodeos etc. Everything has a prop; you can use any of the objects from your hobby in your pictures to showcase what you love to do.

Laying down

Grass, sidewalk, back road, etc. You can lay on your stomach with feet in the air crossed. Hands crossed or propped underneath your chin. Lay on your back while hands in hair looking up or hair flown back on the ground.

Shoulder look

Walk away with a slight turn of your head to the side. Stare right into the camera very fiercely or look off with a smile.  Even hold onto an object and turn to look back.

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Remember, the best pictures come from within, they are captured to show the inner YOU.

BE YOURSELF. Pose and dress your photos to give a good representation of who you are. I will give you all the confidence in the world but only you can make it happen!!

Lets get those senior photos scheduled!!

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