Senior Photo Locations

A narrow road leading through a dense redwood forest, with towering trees on both sides and a misty backdrop, perfect for photography poses.

Location ideas for seniors

If you are trying to find a great destination or get a general idea on the “where” for your pictures, you have came to the right place. These are great examples of what place, which scenery/background to choose from. These are just a few!! Any location that you have in mind, tell me and we can make it happen. **Traveling fees do apply to further out locations!!

School District

Rep your school! You have spent several years at a place where you have accomplished so many things. School hall ways, main entrance, bleachers, buses, & school sign or banner.


Everyone has a small town that they have lived in or around for years. Capture pictures on the benches, old buildings, favorite café, alley ways etc.

Family home

Taking photos at the comfort of your own home or a family place. Such as: driveways, porches, fireplace, etc.


You can find steps just about anywhere, inside, and outside. Either way we can make it look great! You can sit on the steps with staggered legs. Lean over the rail looking into the camera or away for a side profile or both feet propped to one side with back to the other side. Find some steps and go crazy!


Whether it’s a beautiful day or gloomy day, ponds and lakes make the best backgrounds, the view is just amazing. The ripples and glare off the water, open space and greenery. You can even bring your fur baby, boat, hunting/fishing gear etc.

Merit/D’lo waterpark

Merit and D’lo waterpark are both located in Simpson county. They have both been around for many many years. There are rocks to sit on, and water to splash in. There are so many beautiful water spots! (Merit also has a waterfall!!)

Back roads

We all have our top picks for the best back roads, one with a memory some with just great views!


Choose your church or a church you are close to and include Jesus into your session. Include a bible, or sheet music, sit in the pews or on a window seal. A cross that may be inside/outside you can stand next to.


Nature, nature, & more nature! Sit in the field, bring your ATV into the field, maybe you have a deer or turkey etc. that you have killed and you want to incorporate those into your photos. Feel the love for country living.


You love the gym? It’s your happy place? You work hard, show exactly that!

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