What should I wear to my Senior Session???

Collage of a young woman posing in various outdoor and urban settings, featuring go-to poses for senior photography, wearing different fashionable outfits.

Rule number 1. You want  an outfit you feel comfortable and “yourself” in – this will show through in the picture. Instead of buying something new, go for something you love and showcases your personality. Style your look from top to bottom, including shoes and any jewelry – put these in a zip lock bag and put it on your hanger with each outfit (or props), so you know you’re not missing anything.

Rule number 2. Look for a desired style/look or background? Are you more of a city person with rustic urban build and busy streets style. Or Country living with wild open fields and dirt back roads? Look on Instagram, get some inspiration so we can grow you ideas if you don’t have any. If you know what you want GREAT, lets hear it! I’m down for whatever. Keep reading tho…

Depending on your session at least 3 “different looks.” For my guys, that is totally simple. They can simply add a Jacket, change their shirt with the same pair of jeans, or even a pair of shorts. However, for my girls it is not that simple every time!

For each Senior I say start with three totally different styled outfits and we can build from there.

First think about this. – What do you feel comfortable in? What is your style? Something that looks like you. Even something that you have worn before.  Add a jacket, class ring,  hat or even a scarf.

Style number two. Now think about something you would wear out, on a date or even to a job interview. Think Classy, Sassy, In style or Sunday best Outfit. We have got to have something grandma can show all her friends at ladies bible study.

For your third look consider telling a story about yourself. Do you play sports? Are you in the band? Do you like to read? Are you a shopaholic? What are your Hobbies? Do you love your vehicle? Are you in FFA? Do you show livestock? Do you love mud riding or even hunting? Where are you going to college? Let’s create something about you!

Now if you choose to have more outfits, here are some more times to help you get through picking them out… They need to be a variety of styles. But keep them simple, stay away from stripes and patters. Solid colors look best not neon. Make sure they fit and not to tight.  You need to feel comfortable in it. If you wanna be a movie start, then step out of your shell and do it! Show style!

 Make sure your under garments are not shinning through your clothing choices. Bring different shoes. Bring a brush! Wash your hands, clean under your nails and brush your teeth. Yes, I will whiten them but this helps. PLEASE do not go get a spray tan the day before – go two days before, I can not get the Orange off your fingers. Go easy on the makeup too, be natural. But pop those lips and eyes. Guys, please shave.  But don’t worry about blemishes I got you on that!

Just a few more things! EAT… nobody wants you to be a crabby patty! I want this to be the best experience that you want forget with portraits hanging all of your parents walls of their favorite child! Be your self!! Also, if you have accomplishments with  trophies BRING them! Or even a hobby let’s talk about it, let’s make this session the best anyone has seen! But most of all let’s have fun doing it! I can’t wait…

*As you can see above Emily wore several of the same peices but changed them up for a different look. She didn’t like how the pink pants made her look after we took the first images, so she didn’t wear them again. That is why I say always bring more than you need. So glad she brought the hat that she didn’t like but ended up loving it.

 I want you to try them on and send me a picture. 6018324225 let me help you.

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